Macclesfield utilities three very important pieces of fire fighting 'appliance' (truck's).

Tanker 1

Tanker 2

Ultra-Light Tanker


RETIRED - New Appliance Information coming soon

1987 Hino 4x4 Diesel.

This is our primary response vehicle, and carries a variety of equipment to do almost everything we need to do. Don't let the age fool you, the old girl is very well looked after.

It carries lengths of hose, a large fire fighting pump with 'drafting' capability, i.e., we can draw water from both mains and static water supplies such as pool's, tanks, creeks etc. It also carries a ladder, a range of hand tools, chain saw, different foam extinguishing agents, 4 x set's of breathing apparatus as well as specialized equipment as required.

Detailed Specs Here


2000 Isuzu 4x2 Diesel.

Tanker 2 is a brigade owned vehicle, meaning that the brigade fund raised enough money to purchase it, it's custom back and all the equipment in it! No easy task. Tanker 2 performs a similar role to Tanker 1 but holds a lot less hose and a lot more specialized equipment.

Significant amounts of lighting and a large generator to run them, a ventilation fan to assist in salvage as well as lot of other equipment to suit the same purpose as Tanker 1. The brigade is currently investigating a replacement for this vehicle.

Detailed Specs Here


2009 Nissan Patrol 4x4 Diesel.

Our newest member, this go anywhere multipurpose vehicle is designed to fit where the bigger trucks can't. Carrying almost 500 liters of water and various other equipment found on the tankers, there isn't much this vehicle can't be used for.

Detailed Specs Here