Brigade Life

Ever been talking to a firefighter and they have all of sudden run off? Chances are they just got a ‘call out’. When the pager goes off or you hear the siren no matter what you are like outside of the brigade professionalism is required straight away. If you have ever been lucky enough to see a group of members training here, having fun and laughing around, the sudden expression change when we get a call out is a strange sight.

Most of the time we train on a Wednesday night where we do skills maintenance on the roles we are already qualified in, or learn something new and expand our brigades capability. We do large exercises and we also do small power point training nights. The most important thing is we are never bored.

Member’s have the opportunity to put in as much or as little time as they like, some members will do 15+ hours a week of work here and it is an important part of who they are. However every member’s minutes are appreciated now matter how big the commitment.

It's important to remember the whole time that this is entirely voluntary, and no member in any way receives any sort of remuneration for their time or efforts. One of the most important things we are thankful for is our employers who let us take the time required for our campaign fire fighting (bush fires and floods)


Macclesfield CFA Members Training